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Assertiveness: An Important Stress Management Technique
Assertiveness is a skill that not only helps with marriage and interpersonal relationships, but can reduce stress and help you attain more balance at home, ...
Learn Assertive Communication in Five Simple Steps
Jun 1, 2014 ... Assertiveness training can give you the skills to reduce stress in your relationships, your workplace, and your life with assertive communication.
The Assertiveness Quiz - Stress Management - About.com
Could you benefit from assertiveness training? Find out if you're creating more stress for yourself by being passive, aggressive, or passive aggressive, and get ...
10 Ways Assertiveness Skills Help Teens - About.com
Assertiveness skills are one of the most important things teens should learn. Find out the many benefits of assertive behavior.
How Can I Be More Assertive When I Have Social Anxiety?
Mar 7, 2014 ... Assertiveness is a way of making sure your needs are met while still considering the needs of others. If you suffer from social anxiety disorder ...
What Is Assertiveness? - Borderline Personality - About.com
Definition: Assertiveness is a form of communication in which needs or wishes are stated clearly with respect for oneself and the other person in the interaction.
Benefits of Assertiveness - The Benefits of Assertiveness Video
Transcript:The Benefits of Assertiveness. Hi I'm Christine Hassler. I'm a life coach, author and speaker, here today with About.com to talk to you about the ...
How Teaching Assertiveness Can Prevent Bullying - About.com
Jun 11, 2013 ... Some kids are naturally assertive and some are not. For those who struggle with assertiveness, they need to be taught that it is acceptable to ...
How to Teach Your Teen to Behave Assertively - Teens - About.com
Teaching teens assertiveness skills has many benefits. Not only can teens who communicate in an assertive manner stand up for themselves, they are also less  ...
What Is Assertive Communication?
Assertive communication is the straightforward and open expression of your needs, desires, thoughts and feelings. Assertive communication involves ...
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