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Perfectionism Quiz

Rumination Quiz Results You're Not A Strong Ruminator, But...

Your answers to this quiz show that, while you don't seem to have a tendency toward rumination, you could still benefit from work on letting go. While you don't wallow in feelings of upset as much as you could, you may tend to think about your problems quite a bit. And, while much of your thoughts tend toward problem-solving rather than pure rumination per se, you still may benefit from learning to shift your thoughts away from stressful situations and toward the present moment.

Because of this, you may find some significant benefits in the following resources.

How Rumination Affects Your Life
When your mind just won't let go of a stressful situation, it prolongs your experience of stress and robs you of pleasure in the present moment. And that's not all! Learn about the various ways rumination affects you physically and emotionally.

Tips for Letting Go of Stress and Anger
Ready to let go of anger and stress, but aren't sure how? Here are some proven techniques that can ease you through the process.

How Can I Clear My Mind?
I frequently see this question from readers. Here's a response that works.

Poll: Do You Ruminate About What Stresses You?
Share your answer,and see what others have to say.

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