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Stress Reliever Personality Test Results
Your Stress Reliever Personality Test Results

Thanks for taking our stress reliever personality test.

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Below are stress relievers and resources related to each of the personality traits tested. For every question you answered that has a green mark next to it (in the results area above), read the corresponding resources that go with that category. You can also explore stress relievers that you didn't 'choose', just to see what's out there and to see what may appeal if your situation changes in the future. Have Fun!

Stress Relievers by Personality Type:

  • As-Needed Stress Relievers
    These stress relievers work well for calming down when you suddenly feel overwhelmed by stress.

  • Stress Relief Tools and 'Props'
    These tools and products can be used to help you relieve stress in your life. They can be a great gift to yourself, or can be given to others to help them relieve stress as well.

  • Healthy Habits and Preventive Stress Relievers
    Here are some top habits you can adopt to help you prevent stress in your life, or relieve it in an ongoing way. Most are good for your health as well.

  • Exploring The Roots of Your Stress
    These stress relievers help you explore the causes of stress in your life, and identify what stresses you so you can address and eliminate stress where it starts.

  • Fun and Distracting Stress Relievers
    These fun stress relievers provide a welcome distraction from stress, allowing you to take a break and return with a fresh frame of mind. Since they're fun, they can help you enjoy a more balanced feel in your life, and may be easier to stick with.

  • Self-Exploring and Thought-Changing Stress Relievers
    These stress relievers can help you explore your 'inner world' and examine thought patterns that may be causing you unnecessary stress. Also provided are resources to change those limiting thought patterns.

  • Active Stress Relievers
    These physical stress relievers are some of the most effective ways to combine activity with stress relief. You'll benefit physically and mentally, and have fun in the process.

  • Stress Relievers for Parents
    If you have children, you could benefit from these stress relievers. They're tailored for the needs of most parents, and can incorporate your children, or be done separately.

  • Do You Need a More Balanced Lifestyle?
    If you need help maintaining a balanced lifestyle, this quiz can help you examine different areas of your life, and find resources to pare down what's unnecessary and stress-inducing, and keep only what serves you. The result is a lifestyle that works best for you.

  • More Personality Tests and Quizzes
    Understand yourself better and learn more about stress management with these other great personality tests and quizzes!

  • Daily Tips for Stress Relief
    Sign up and receive a free daily stress relief tip via e-mail! Tips will be breif and concise, on a variety of stress-related topics, aimed at helping you make easy changes to live a healthier, happier life.

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