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Low-Carb Snacks

Stress and The Importance of Sex
Too Busy? Not In The Mood? Here's Help!

Sex can be a great stress reliever, but often too much stress can dampen your libido. Here's some information on the stress management benefits of sex, and tips on how to get in the mood, even if you're stressed!

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Here are some of the articles about areas of your life that can create--and help relieve--stress:

Resources for a Balanced Life:

  • Power Napping and The Importance of Sleep
    Learn how a lack of sleep can make you less productive and more stressed, and find ways of scheduling more sleep for yourself.

  • The Benefits of Assertiveness
    Learning assertiveness communication techniques can help you reduce stress in your life and clear your schedule. Learn how!

  • The Importance of Self Care
    Constantly putting yourself last on the list (or are you even on the list?) can backfire. Learn how, and see what you can do in the way of caring for yourself, too.

  • Stress and Nutrition
    Poor nutrition can actually cause stress, and ironically, the stressed and busy usually aren't the ones eating right! Learn how you can have a healthier diet and keep stress levels low.

  • Stress Relief with Exercises
    Exercise keeps you healthy and attractive, and reduces stress. Learn why and how you should work in a workout.

  • Mess = Stress
    Is your home a sanctuary from stress--or a cause of it? Learn why clutter can cause stress, and find out how to keep your home ordered and serene.

  • Relationships
    Learn how social support can help with stress, and find resources for cultivating a supportive circle of friends.

  • Sex and Stress
    Learn why sex is such a great stress reliever, and find resources to help you get in the mood if stress is dampening your libido.

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