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Destiny Vs. Self Control Quiz

From Elizabeth Scott, M.S.,
Your Guide to Stress Management.
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How Much Control Do You Have In Life?

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If you're interested in other personality tests, check out some of the other self assessment tools below:

Other Self Assessment Tests:

  • Type A Personality Quiz
    Do you have a Type A personality? This quiz can tell you, and give you resources for a less stressed life.

  • The Optimism Quiz
    Optimists experience less stress and generally find more success in life. Are you an optimist or a pessimist? Your answer may surprise you!

  • The Happiness Self Test
    Could you be happier? This test will give you the answer, plus supply you with resources to change your answer if you'd like.

  • More Personality Tests
    Are you a perfectionist? Is your social life an asset or a liability? Is your stress level unhealthy? You'll find many more great tests here!

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