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Elizabeth Scott, M.S.

5-Minute Stress Relief Strategies (And Other Things In Fives)!

By April 12, 2014

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Much of the damage of stress comes from chronic stress, the condition when your body's stress response is triggered so much that your body stays in a state of constant stress. (In fact, often people are in 'stress mode' and don't even know it!) This blog provides information and resources to help you calm down quickly when stressed. If you do nothing else in the way of stress management, this important first step can be one of the best for your health!

5-Minute Stress Relief Strategies
Want to ease stress quickly? Here are some ways that you can calm your body's physiology and reverse your stress response in five minutes or less, as well as a more in-depth explanation of why this is so important.

5 Ways to Calm Down Quickly
If you liked those, here are some more ways to reverse your stress response in a matter of minutes, and avoid the effects of chronic stress.

5 Ways to Simplify Life
As long as we're going with a theme of fives, here are 5 more ways to relieve stress simply and effectively!

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