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Elizabeth Scott, M.S.

Starbucks Meditation

By March 26, 2014

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I think most people think of meditation as an activity to be performed alone in a quiet room, and that's a nice ideal. However, life doesn't always work out that way. Today I'm writing from Starbucks, with a drink by my side and jazz music filling the space around me.

Ironically, though, sometimes writing about stress can be stressful, especially if I have more topics to write about than time to write them, and I was just having one of those moments. Once I realized that my writing To Do list was longer than my working window, I started becoming unfocused, trying to do two things at once, and realizing that I wasn't really focusing on either. I decided I needed a time-out. Meditation provides the perfect antidote to that kind of stress.

One of the beautiful things about meditation is that, with a little practice, it can be done anywhere, anytime. I don't usually come to Starbucks to meditate, but here I was, and that's what I needed. I used the 'power' button on my laptop as a focal point, took a deep breath, and relaxed into a 5-minute meditation.

I'm writing about this because meditation is one of the most effective forms of stress management available, and it's also inexpensive (usually free!), convenient, and contains lasting benefits--regular meditation can actually help you to change your brain functioning so you're less reactive to stressors you haven't even experienced yet! But many people don't try it, or think they're 'doing it wrong' and give up, or just don't think they have the time. I wanted to inspire you to give it a try today. Here are some resources to get you started, help you find new meditation techniques to try, or get back to an abandoned meditation regimen:

Meditation Resources:

Why Meditate?
Meditation has many wonderful benefits for health and stress relief. If you haven't read about them already, learn why the goal of regular meditation is worth every minute of practice.

Meditation For Perfectionists
Meditation can be especially difficult for perfectionists, at least at first. However, perfectionists are among those who could benefit the most from meditation, and perhaps may become some of the most committed to meditation once they master the concept. If you are a perfectionist (or if you just find meditation difficult), these meditation tips for perfectionists are for you!

FAQ: What If You Can't Meditate?
Have you tried meditation, but find yourself getting MORE stressed? Here are some alternatives and techniques to try!

Meditation Techniques to Try
Here are some different techniques to try.

5-Minute Meditation
If you only have a few minutes, here's a quick way to feel less stressed.

Walking Meditation
Combine the benefits of meditation with exercise--this is also an easier-to-learn form of meditation.

Mantra Meditation
This form of meditation may feel a little strange at first, but it's simple to learn and works quite well.

Music Meditation
Music can really help relieve stress and get you into a serene place of meditation.

March 22, 2010 at 8:13 am
(1) Liz says:

I tried meditation many times before it ‘stuck’. I always thought I was doing it wrong! After taking a class in meditation, I know that just sitting and doing it is the ‘right’ way, there is no ‘wrong’.

March 8, 2013 at 12:43 pm
(2) yashu says:

i like this post

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