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Elizabeth Scott, M.S.

Better-Sleep Resources From Your About.com Experts

By March 3, 2014

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This week, there's a lot of focus on sleep. Not only is it National Sleep Awareness Week, but many of us will soon be working with one less hour of sleep thanks to Daylight Saving Time (DST). Lack of sleep greatly affects stress levels as well as our overall wellness, so missed sleep is more than a hassle; it's a health issue.

Fortunately, About.com Health is all about helping navigate health issues! The following are some of the best sleep resources we have, from our Sleep Disorders expert as well as many knowledgeable experts around the network. (I have some resources in there from myself as well, so you can get the stress-and-sleep perspective!) If we start going to sleep 10 or so minutes earlier each night, we won't notice the loss of an hour--and if you're not in a DST area, having an extra hour of sleep will very likely do you some good, anyway! Rest assured and sleep easy!

  • Top 10 Better Sleep Strategies: Great Ways to End Your Day
    Certain relaxing rituals can help you to both promote sleep and manage stress. Try these healthy stress relief strategies from yours truly.

  • 10 Doctor-Recommended Guidelines To Better Sleep
    What steps can you take during the day to promote better sleep at night? Here are 10 effective tips that can help you to get better quality sleep, and more of it, from Dr. Brandon Peters, our Guide to Sleep Disorders.

  • Best Pilates Exercises For Better Sleep
    Exercise can help promote sleep, and pilates can provide a useful set of exercises to work into your schedule for this very purpose. Learn more about how exercise can promote sleep, and find specific pilates exercises that can help, from Marguerite Ogle, About.com's Guide to Pilates.

  • Top Sleep-Tracking Activity Monitors
    Sometimes you can be in need of more sleep and not even realize it. Having an activity tracker that also monitors your sleep and lets you know how much shut-eye you're really getting. Walking Guide Wendy Bumgardner has a list of effective activity trackers that also monitor your sleep. See which ones might be best for you!

  • Better Sleep For Those With IBS
    A good night's sleep is beneficial for your overall health, so those with IBS or other issues have even more incentive to work on safeguarding sleep. Here, our IBS Guide, Dr. Barbara Bradley Bolen, has some effective tips to help you enjoy a better nights' sleep.

  • Yoga For Insomnia
    Yoga can be a wonderfully health-supporting and relaxing form of exercise, which makes it useful for those having trouble sleeping. Learn specific yoga techniques that can help you to sleep better tonight, from Ann Pizer, About.com's Guide to Yoga.

  • Tips for Better Sleep With ADD
    Sleep is more often an issue for those with ADD / ADHD--it often comes with more difficulty, and is important for managing stress and aiding concentration. Learn more about sleep and ADD / ADHD, and find tips to help, from our Guide, Keath Low.

  • Gluten and Sleep
    If you have a gluten sensitivity, your sleep may be suffering. Learn about the gluten-sleep connection and find tips to get more shut-eye, from Jane Anderson, About.com's Guide to Celiac Disease.

  • Get Quality Sleep When Stressed
    Stress affects our sleep patterns in a variety of ways. Learn more about how stress can affect your sleep, and sleep can affect your stress levels, and find strategies to sleep better tonight!

March 3, 2014 at 7:47 pm
(1) Sergio Rodrigues says:

Is journaling some kind of to-do list? If not, in what terms do they differ? Does kepping a to-do list have the same benefic effects of writing a journal in terms of reducing stress?

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