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Time Management Tips For Time Management Month


Updated July 05, 2014


Time management takes planning, but pays off in lower stress and higher productivity.

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February is Time Management Month, which is a great issue to focus on if you want to more easily manage stress. Time management is particularly important for busy parents, caregivers, and those with demanding jobs (you know who you are), but time management can be an issue for virtually anyone. (I once heard tale of a Buddhist monk who was in a remote location by himself with only the purpose of meditation and living a quiet life; apparently even he found it challenging at times to "make time for" meditation!)

An ironic aspect of stress and time management is that we tend to become more stressed when we are too busy; we need to practice relaxation techniques even more when we are stressed, and we have even less time for this when we are too busy. See the vicious cycle? It was once said that "The time to relax is when you don't have time for it," and this is really true!

The month of February--Time Management Month--or any month, really, is the perfect time to look at ways to streamline your schedule, make the most of the time you have, and work on beating procrastination, one of the more notorious thieves of time. Below are some important steps you can take to get a better handle on your time.

Stop Procrastinating (Here's How)

Procrastination is a big waste of time and energy, and can cause additional (and unnecessary) stress! The next time you find yourself battling procrastination, you will have more tools on your side. Linked below are 10 tips on how to stop procrastination.
Read on for anti-procrastination tips.


Find Hidden Time In Your Schedule

Do you feel like you're always rushing, and don't have enough time for what's important to you? One solution is to get good at saying 'no' to the right things. Here you'll find tips on how to do that. You'll also find five other time management strategies that can help you feel less stressed.
Read on for how to go from "too busy" to "just right".


Cut Down On Obligations

There is simply only so much time and energy available to any of us in our lives.  And when we have little control in our lives, we're hit harder by stress, so it's important to have room for choices. If you're feeling stressed, and your schedule is overly-filled with obligations, here's an exercise that can help.
See how you can cut down on obligations.


Get Easy Reminders And Inspiration Through Social Media

Part of time management and stress management is simply keeping your intentions in mind.  (And knowing what works best for you is also important.)  If you're already connected to social media, getting some extra time management and stress management resources into your feed can give you the gentle support you need to maintain motivation and work toward putting together a plan that works best for you, with minimal stress.  For ongoing stress relief tips, join the Facebook group About Stress Management. You'll find updates with the latest blogs, inspirational quotes with related articles, and plenty of stress relief resources you might 'like' or want to share your two-cents about. You can also find me on Twitter ( @ElizabethScott) and Pinterest. Join us; we'd love to see you there!

Learn more strategies for combatting overwhelm.

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