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Elizabeth Scott, M.S.

Mid-Terms and Finals—With Less Stress?

By December 12, 2013

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During my college years, the holiday season was always colored by the stress of finals. And all my fellow students were sharing that experience. For many stressed and exhausted students out there, mid-terms and finals are heaping on the stress. Late-night study sessions, stressful upcoming exams and questionable options are all conspiring to bring extra pre-holiday stress to the student masses. It's all for a worthy cause, but need it all be so stressful?
  • Yes

  • No

(If you answered 'no', you have passed this test, and are on the right track. If you answered 'yes', don't worry--this test doesn't count toward your grade!)

All joking aside, there are steps you can take to make studying for and taking these major exams more or less stressful, helping you to be more or less successful at them. The following are my best tips for stress relief during this Time of Tests. Good luck! (And for those of you who are already finished with midterms and finals, congratulations! You may want to keep these tips handy for next time, but I hope you make the most of your down-time for now--you've earned it!)

What are your best stress relief, studying and test-taking tips for students? What worked (or works) best for you? Share your wisdom in the comments section.

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