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Why and How You Should Celebrate "National Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day"

By October 21, 2013

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Yes, you read that right: today, the third Monday in October, is "National Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day," and there are several reasons you should celebrate! One reason is that you could well be more productive with a more organized workspace in your computer. I speak as someone who chronically has far too many windows open, and a slower-running computer as a result. I keep windows open to remind myself when I need to read or research something later, but I have decided to change this habit and find a simpler system. (I'm sharing that system below.) A cluttered computer can not only mean slower running speed, but more difficulty finding what you're looking for, bot of which can affect your productivity.

My favorite reason to participate in this observance, however, is that it can help relieve stress. Not only can the increased productivity that this day can bring (see above) help with stress relief, but the act of getting rid of clutter and tolerations can really decrease the stress that comes with your job, and this decrease in stress can also raise your productivity levels. It's like a big upward spiral of stress relief and productivity that you can enjoy for as long as you keep things uncluttered! That should be reward enough for the time it takes to declutter and come up with a system to keep things uncluttered, wouldn't you agree?

Below are resources that can help you to get your virtual desktop clean and maintain a greater level of organization from now on. Are you in?

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