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Enjoy a Free Test Anxiety Webinar Through College Week Live

By October 16, 2013

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Many students feel stressed about tests--sometimes to the point of making critical errors that they would not make if they weren't feeling the pressures of perfectionism and test anxiety! If you've been wondering how you can keep this brand of stress from throwing you off your game, I have some great free resources that can help.

First, I've given a free webinar on test anxiety and stress management for College Week Live, and it can be accessed today and throughout the rest of the week! College Week Live is an online college fair that brings representatives from top colleges to the comfort of a student's desk as they watch free live webinars from each of these schools. During this online fair, there are webinars from experts from many fields that are useful to students as well, including a free webinar on stress and stress management from yours truly. (You can access it through College Week Live right now.)

College week live has so much to offer potential college students, current college students, motivated high schoolers, and others, that I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in academics. You can register for College Week Live and ask the questions you need answered, or watch recordings of these webinars if you can't attend when the presentations are taking place live. There is easily accessed help available, so why not take advantage? It's going on now!

Also, I received a pretty large amount of questions during the webinar, and I didn't have time to answer them all. They were important questions, so I am answering them here! I'll be posting them throughout the week, but for now, I'll share the resources below with you. If you have any other questions about test anxiety or stress in general, be sure to enter the topics into the "search" box and you'll find resources from me and the other About.com Experts. About.com also has some wonderful free resources for students. The following are some of the best offerings from my site, and links to others that can help:

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