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Elizabeth Scott, M.S.

Best (and Worst!) Ways To Relieve Stress

By August 25, 2013

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What's the best way to relieve stress? That answer may be slightly different for everyone, but there are stress relief techniques that are generally more effective than others--and some that tend to backfire. Here you'll find strategies you can use to effectively relieve stress, and you'll also see what you may want to avoid.

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  • Most Effective Stress Relief Strategies
    Here is a collection of the most effective techniques for relieving stress. Each one can be used as a main focus for stress relief, or as part of an overall stress management plan. What works best for you?

  • Best Ways For YOU To Relieve Stress
    What are the best ways to relive stress for you? This self-assessment tool will allow you to answer a few questions about your lifestyle and personality, and then direct you to stress relievers that may fit best for your particular situation. It's a useful tool for those who want to begin with techniques that are most likely to work for them.

  • Worst Ways To Relieve Stress
    We all want to relieve stress in our lives, and there are many effective ways to do so. Certain stress relief strategies work better for certain people, and some are more effective in general. However, in the quest for stress relief, sometimes people stumble upon habits that actually cause more stress. The following are some of the least effective ways to relieve stress. Do any of them sound familiar?

  • Readers' Favorite Ways To Relieve Stress
    Stress relievers are important in the midst of all the economic, job-related and relationship stresses people face. And because needs are complex, it's important to know about a variety of effective stress relievers to use in the many stressful situations we all face. What are your best stress relievers? Share them here, and see what works for others! (Just no spam, please.)

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May 24, 2012 at 10:54 am
(1) Matt from Stress Relief Workshop says:

That’s a great summary and some useful links Elizabeth! I particularly like the articles about finding the stress relief strategies that match your own personality. Years ago I would find myself ‘stressing out’ about trying to find the time to fit in all the meditation I was ‘meant’ to be doing, or feeling so frustrated because I found the voice on the relaxation tape I was listening to simply annoying!
When what really helps me are things like stepping out into the garden for a break; of listening to the birds in the tress; or picking up my cat and giving it a good (gentle) cuddle! I have to find ways to remember these things while I’m at work.
I guess it’s the age old answer that what works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for another. And of being patient in learning what works for you and being open to exploring new ideas.
…. now, where’s that cat of mine?….

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