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Elizabeth Scott, M.S.

College Stress 101

By August 6, 2013

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With school starting soon, there are tons of stressed and excited college students out there. The partying is something to look forward to for sure, but there are a slew of new stressors waiting, some anticipated and some that may come as a surprise. For example, students may already be stressing about leaving home for the first time or being fully responsible for themselves, but have they even thought about the stress of an obnoxious roommate or that detested Freshman 15? Because coming into your own can be exhilarating as well as stressful, as with any change, I have the following resources to help college students (and those who love them) feel less stressed:
  • College Stress Causes
    Where's all this college stress coming from, and how does it impact students? Here's the 411 on causes of college stress.

  • Reducing Stress in College Life
    Now that you know about the main causes of college stress (or if you've just decided to accept it and skip to the chase), get tips and resources for managing that college stress here. It's a great way to start lifelong healthy habits and become adept at handling all the stress you'll face for the rest of your life.

  • What Causes the Freshman 15?Yes, it's real. And yes, it can happen to you, even after your first year! Learn about that dreaded weight gain that many people face, and find out where it comes from.

  • How to Avoid the Freshman 15
    Wanna stay svelte? Here are tricks for dodging that pesky college weight gain. Again, here are some tips that can serve you well in future years, too.

  • Discuss Stress and School In The Forum
    Yes, if you didn't already know, there's a Stress Management Forum! The topic of school and stress has already been brought up, so stop on in and join the conversation! (Or you can add your own vent, rant, stress tip or plea for advice!)

If you're looking for more resources on college life, you'll be happy to know that we have a whole site devoted to it, here on About.com. It's at http://collegelife.about.com!

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