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Get-In-Shape Help For The Stressed

By May 20, 2013

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Now that warm weather is upon us and summer is rapidly approaching, many, many of us are resolving to get more fit--to have more energy for summer fun, to feel more comfortable in summer clothes, or just to fulfill those forgotten New Year's goals of staying healthier. As you may or may not know, stress does play a role in such things--it can change your cravings as well as your habits--but fear not! If you have any interest in weight loss or fitness (or know someone who does), here are some tips for meeting your diet and exercise goals, even when stressed.

Stress Eating Resources From Elizabeth Scott:

Take The Stress and Weight Gain Test
Stress can contribute to weight gain in several ways. If you're having trouble with your weight and wonder what role stress may be playing, or if you just want information and resources for healthy change, this is the quiz for you! The following 10 questions are each designed to help you assess a different aspect of your lifestyle to determine if you may benefit from some simple changes that can help you keep your weight under control when you're stressed. At the end of the quiz, you'll find resources that pertain to your specific situation.

What Causes Emotional Eating?
Even if we know what we're supposed to be eating, there are additional factors that influence how much and what type of food we consume. One of these factors is stress, which is linked to increased emotional eating. Emotional eating has many causes. Learn about the main reasons--besides hunger--that stressed people eat, and find resources to stop emotional eating.

How To Stop Emotional Eating
As anyone who's watching their weight will tell you, hunger is just one of many reasons that people eat. If you're an emotional eater, you may find yourself eating to deal with uncomfortable emotions, using food as a reward when you're happy, and craving sweets or unhealthy snacks when stressed. This article can help you to cut down emotional eating and develop healthier eating habits--even when stressed!

Diet Tips For The Stressed
Despite best intentions, many people find themselves falling short of their diet ideals due to various 'diet traps', or factors that may sneak in and sabotage a healthy diet. The following diet tips can help you to combat some of the main diet traps people encounter, and maintain a healthy diet that keeps you feeling great.

Healthy Diet Resources From About.com

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