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Celebrate Stress Awareness Day With About.com's Best!

By April 16, 2013

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April 16th is officially Stress Awareness Day, which makes it an excellent time to focus on becoming aware of the stress in your life, its effects on your body, and ways to minimize it. To help you make the most of today (and make the most of this month, as April is Stress Awareness Month), I've compiled some of the best stress management resources from this site, and from around About.com Health! The resources below can help you to understand and manage stress from many different areas of life. Let me and many other expert Guides from About.como offer stress management solutions you can use to increase your levels of happiness, wellness, and inner peace!

Stress and Your Health
Stress can come from different places, and affect our health in many ways. In this article, I gather some of the best stress resources from a variety of About.com Health's top expert Guides, so you can find out about stress from many angles. See what resonates with you!

Multi-Expert Stress Relief
There are many effective paths to stress relief, and it helps to have someone to guide you through them. I've shared a host of stress management techniques on my site, but in this article I share some of the best stress resources from other wellness Guides at About.com Health. See what works best for you!

Job Stress Relief
Regardless of what we do, our jobs can bring a significant amount of stress. If we can get a handle on this stress, we can be happier and more productive, both on the job and in our lives in general. Read more about the causes and cures of job stress from Dawn Rosenberg McKay, About.com Guide to career planning.

Overcoming Speaking Anxiety
Speaking is a common cause of stress for many people--public speaking, speaking a foreign language, and speaking in other situations where you are not entirely comfortable. Learn techniques for managing the stress that comes from speaking, from your Guide to French, Laura K. Lawless.

Travel Stress Relief
Have you ever gotten back from a vacation and felt you still needed a vacation? Traveling can present many challenges that create stress. With a little preparation and know-how, you can manage the stress that comes from traveling, and arrive at your destination (and arrive home from it) feeling more peaceful and relaxed. These tips from Nancy Parode, About.com Guide to travel, can make quite a difference.

This article on Celebrating Stress Awareness Month provides a nice overview on the basics of effective stress management, and gives a good overview of where we can go with the month. Another important thing you can do for yourself to make the most of Stress Awareness Month is to subscribe to the About.com Stress Management Newsletter and take advantage of other ongoing resources for stress management. This will allow you to get a steady feed of do-able strategies and useful information on stress.

In the meantime, we can focus today on the basics: what constitutes 'stress', and what brings stress. The following resources can help you to understand the basics of stress:

What stresses you? (Be one of the first to share it in the User Answers article!) And what do you hope to achieve during Stress Awareness Month? A less stressed lifestyle? A few more stress relievers in your bag of tricks? The ability to let things roll off of your back? Share it in the comments section of this blog, or on Facebook.

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