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Elizabeth Scott, M.S.

Celebrate International Moment of Laughter Day!

By April 14, 2013

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April 14, 2013, is 'International Moment of Laughter' day. How does one celebrate this, and why? And how does this relate to stress relief?

First, a bit about the origin of IMoL Day: according to calendars.com, it was created by humorologist Izzy Gesell as a method of lifting spirits and self-esteem. It has also been recommended for boosting morale, brainstorming solutions, and more. Humor is effective for these and many other goals, and stress relief is chief among them.

April is National Humor Month, so we've already been focusing on the many benefits of humor and laughter, including a boost in immunity, increased physical relaxation, and more. (See more benefits of humor here.) Because humor is a main focus of this month, hopefully you've already been working more smiles and laughter into your life. But today is a time to really get some good laughs in--hopefully you can have several "moments of laughter" today! What makes you laugh? below are some ideas:

  • Tell a joke (and ask friends for their favorites)
  • Watch a favorite comedy
  • Recount funny stories from your past
  • Get more ideas from this article

What are your favorite jokes? What are your favorite ways to get more laughter into your day? You can share them on Twitter with the hashtag: #MomentOfLaughter, you can leave your ideas in the comments section, or you can post this blog to Facebook and start a thread of comments on favorite ways to laugh. Sharing a laugh makes it more fun!

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