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Elizabeth Scott, M.S.

Walk On Your Wild Side!

By April 11, 2013

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April 12, 2013, is 'Walk On Your Wild Side' day. How does one celebrate this, and why? And how does this relate to stress relief?

First, let's tal about why this unique 'holiday' deserves to be observed. Sometimes it can be great for your mental health to try something new--the weight of a hectic routine (or a mundane one, for that matter) can be stressful. Having a change of scene can provide a mental and emotional break that can relieve stress for thoe approaching burnout. Trying an adventurous activity that you've only been imagining can give you a dose of positive emotion and fun in your life that can give you a bit of the "weekend effect", which can be good for you all week. Working toward a goal that's been on your vision board, bucket list or long-term to-do list can give you a boost of self-confidence and get you closer to your dreams. All of these things can add to your happiness and reduce your stress. And they're a good way to make the most of National Humor Month and Stress Awareness Month--both of which are April.

As for the "how," that's up to you. One person's "work" is another person's "wild." Ditto for activities that may feel normal or even mundane for some people, or overly challenging for others--what feels wild to you is all that's important today. (Bright lipstick, lunch at a new place, writing a short story and sharing it with friends--these are just a few of the simpler ways people have celebrated this holiday.)

To make things more fun, however I would encourage you to come up with a few ideas and share them. You can share them on Twitter with the hashtag: #WalkOnYourWildSide or you can post this blog to Facebook and start a thread of comments on different ways to celebrate. Or just do your wild thing and quietly explain why, if asked. What you do and how you share it is up to you. (But I recommend Twitter--I'll retweet my favorites to spread the fun!)

Get wild!

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