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Elizabeth Scott, M.S.

Research On Coping With Emotional Stress

By August 5, 2012

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When feeling the stress of life's setbacks, caught in the grip of excessive worry, or dealing with other emotionally stressful experiences, it's sometimes difficult to know what coping techniques can help the most. This newsletter brings research on journaling, tips from readers, and other resources to help you cope with emotional stress. The next time you're feeling stressed and wondering what you can do (especially in situations where there's little you can do), these stress relief strategies should help!
  • Study: Good News For Worriers
    Are you a worrier? Some of us are naturally prone to worry, due to temperament, past experiences, or both. This study on journaling can tell you exactly what works for helping yourself worry less, so you can feel less stressed by what could happen.

  • Study: Journaling Helps With Coping
    Here's another study on journaling, which showed that it can also be helpful in coping with major stresses in life. It can even help strengthen immunity! Learn what type of journaling works well here, and what effects journaling can have.

  • Readers' Wisdom: How To Cope
    Coping with emotional stress can be challenging, stressful, and painful at times, and different tactics work for different people. I have my own recommendations for coping with emotional stress, but I always love to hear my readers' words of wisdom and share them! Here are a few recommendations from readers that have resonated with me:
    "I think a good cry always helps. When you're on your own, just take 5 minutes and let it all out. Also, do something nice for yourself--a bubble bath, do your nails, a hot chocolate and a soft blanket. Breathing exercises are good, and also writing...."
    -Nixnix. Read more.

  • Find Stress Management Help On Facebook
    Have you ever found yourself dealing with a stressful issue, and then encountering the exact helpful resource you needed that day, just by chance? If you're dealing with tolerations, or with any other issues that relate to stress, I invite you to join the Facebook Page About Stress Management. You'll find inspirational quotes, insightful comments, and relevant resources on a near-daily basis that may be just what you need to hear on a given day. We'd love to see you there!

For more tips, research, and resources on stress management, subscribe to the free weekly Stress Management Newsletter.

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