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Spring Has Sprung—Now Let's Relieve Some Stress!

By March 17, 2012

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There are many ways to relieve stress, and some of them lend themselves more easily to certain times of year. Spring brings some especially effective opportunities for stress relief. The following are my favorite spring stress relief strategies:
  • Spring Cleaning
    You may not think of it as a traditional 'stress reliever', but spring cleaning can be a wonderful source of stress relief for several reasons. The act of cleaning in itself can be a route to stress relief because of the exercise and other opportunities it provides. The end results of spring cleaning are even better: you're left with a home that's more of a haven from stress than a cause of it.
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  • Gardening
    Getting out there and digging in the garden brings some excellent opportunities for spring stress relief. Getting more sunlight can brighten your mood; beautifying your home can be soothing to you every time you come home; getting in touch with nature can help you feel more grounded. Whether you have a huge yard with dozens of plants, or a small patio and a container garden, gardening can be an excellent source of stress relief, beginning in the spring.

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  • Walking
    Meeting a friend for some brisk walking, as with other forms of exercise, can be a great way to relieve stress year-round. However, spring is an especially good time for walking because of the more mild weather, the more beautiful surroundings, and the increasing hours of daylight. Walking through your neighborhood and noticing everyone's yard in bloom, walking in a park and enjoying the beautiful green grass, or walking in the hills after work can all be stress relief treats for spring.
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    What are your favorite ways to relieve stress during Spring? Share your answers in the comments section or in the Stress Management Forum.

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March 24, 2009 at 5:38 pm
(1) Kris says:

When I got stressed I use to go to a shrink and they would prescribe me medication that took days to take affect and on top of that the medication either caused harm to my kidneys or my liver. I later found that Marijuana caused no harm to my body what so ever and had a faster and better effect then those medications. So in turn I quit going to the doctor so they would prescribe me something that would keep me returning over and over and took matters in my own hands. Unfortunately marijuana is still considered to be illegal via biased opinions not scientific fact so it will most likely remain that way until the public is properly educated on the effects of marijuana. Sadly enough the government would still rather you do harm to your body then to over turn a law that was based on racism, greed and corruption.

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