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Elizabeth Scott, M.S.

iPhone for Stress Relief

By June 11, 2008

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It looks like the famed iPhone is getting even better while becoming more affordable at the same time! If youíre considering getting one, but arenít sure if itís worth the price, I think youíre one of many who are on that same fence. Here are some of the reasons that I love my iPhone, and believe that itís a great stress reliever if you can afford the entry fee:

Music is a wonderful stress reliever, and can be used in many ways to reduce tension, create energy, and promote wellbeing. (Hereís some research on the benefits of music if youíd like to know the particulars.) You may already have an MP3 player (if you donít, then you should!), but itís pretty darn convenient having one hooked up to you phone, and therefore with you at all times.

As a busy mom, I have to say that the camera feature is my favorite. How does it qualify as a stress reliever? Before getting the iPhone, I missed many photo opportunities with my kids because I often wouldnít bring a camera with me. However, as someone who always brings her phone, the camera is there by default, and I almost never miss a good picture. (And, for me, that relieves a lot of stress and mommy guilt.) Also, scrolling through my stored photos (and my iPhone has stored over 2500 at a time!) can remind me of fun, carefree times when Iím feeling stressed, and can take my mind off of my frustrations for a few minutes.

My sense of direction isnít what it could be, but thatís why I love my iPhoneís map feature. It can show me where I am on the map, and give detailed directions from there to wherever I want to go. That relieves a lot of the stress of finding new places because I know I can never get truly lost.

My iPhone has a notepad where I can type and store information. I love having my To Do lists, peopleís phone numbers, or whatever Notes To Self I need with me at all times. My kids enjoy this feature as well.

Email and Internet
Especially for those of us who work from home, itís a great stress reliever having access to email and the internet when weíre out and about. No more stressing over missed emails or forgotten information.

There are other great features on the iPhone, but these are my favoritesóthe ones I personally use the most, and think of as Ďstress relieversí. iPhone users: what do you think? What are your favorite features? Do you think the iPhone is worth the expense?

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